Clayton College

  1. Is anyone else on this board using this distance program for their bachelors, masters or PHD? I got my BS from them and am almost done with my MS. Just wondered about this.

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  3. by   RainbowSkye
    Could you tell us more about this program? I'm very interested in an online master's.
  4. by   JNJ
    California State University at Dominguez Hills has a Master's in Nursing on line. Quality stuff and not too expensive.
  5. by   renerian
    The college is strictly distance education. They have BS/MS/PHD programs. My degree is Science but my major is holistic nutrition so all my classes are nutrition based. They also have holistic health degrees, herbal certifications and coursework to open your own business (PHD level).

    They are accredited but by non traditional members. I can take my tests on line or correspondence. I do a combination. I submit projects through the mail. I signed up for the BS/MS combination with a discount for dual degree and it was 4800. No time limit to complete courses in. They gave me credit for all my 80 hours except I needed to retake growth and development which is fine. Many of the people in the classes are not nurses. The coursework is hard. I am in the last class of my graduate program and I have read 78 books so far. ALOT OF READING.

  6. by   renerian
    I absolutely love my distance program. Another nursing degree did not interest me but nutrition did. I got all my BS classes done in one year and will be the same for my MS. So I got four years of school done in two years. Now mind you I spent every waking moment I was not working or doing things for my family studying.....LOL.