Class Selection (opinions, suggestions welcomed)

  1. Ok, here goes. I have a recently obtained BA in Communication (Fall 2008) and by January finalized my decision to be a nurse. Having a BA, most of my classes as you would probably guess are not science-oriented. I received Bs in my college science and math course(s), however, in high school I received mostly A's (AP Biology and Human Anat & Phys.) in my science classes and one B in chemistry. I begin my prerequisites June 2nd and will take Human Anatomy w/Lab and a computer science class.

    With the given information about my academic background I need help planning out the rest of my semester pre-nursing school.

    So I was thinking...

    Fall 2009:
    Human Anatomy and Physiology II w/lab
    Medical Ehics/Ethics
    Intro to Chemistry w/Lab

    Spring 2010
    Intro to Organic Chemistry w/Lab
    Intro to Human Nutrition

    Summer 2010 - APPLY TO NURSING SCHOOL???:icon_roll

    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   kdsrn
    This looks reasonable to me. The only thing I would take a look at is the # of lab hours in the Fall semester. Since you have 2 classes with labs in the Fall, you may consider moving a class to the Spring semester where you only have one class with a lab. Just a suggestion.
  4. by   pinkiepie_RN
    Just a question...I thought everyone took microbiology with a lab. Is that typo or is micro really just a lecture class?
  5. by   Goingthere
    That's an ambitious schedule. See how it goes over the summer, and tweek it if you need do. Otherwise good luck and please utilize the winter semester and take a class inorder to lessen your fall or spring load. You can apply to NS with most of your Pre reqs completed, so why not shoot for spring and continually update your transcript with the school for earlier admission. Watch out for classes with labs, then tend to be super time consuming, and have exams that are around the same time. Are you just doing one summer session, or two? Because you can knock out both anatomy's in the summer (seperate session) and move the computer course to winter, so you have less labs at the same time. Good luck!
  6. by   simplyashley21
    Thanks for your responses. Thanks for the insight kdsrn. Microbiology is a lecture and lab course dolcebellaluna. My anatomy and physiology course is the entire summer Goingthere.