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  1. Can anybody provide any information about Christ Medical Center such as working conditions, pt ratios(peds), acuity levels of certain peds units, pay scale, union?, recruiters, etc. Any information would be helpful!
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  3. by   Edward,IL
    I've only heard scary things about this place and the parent company.
    The INA doesn't have a collective bargainign relationship with Advocate, as far as I know. In your locale, collective bargaining through INA is available at U. of C., U. of I., Cook County Hospital,
    Providence Hospital (which I think is part of Cook CO. now), Reed Mnetal Health. Check out INA's website for more info. I wouldn't feel particularly safe working inside any hospital these days without a good contract.
    Just my opinion, Edward, IL
  4. by   bestblondRN
    Here goes......

    I worked for a hospital that became part of Advocate a few years ago. There were good and bad things about the acquisition as is often the case. Here's the bottom line though:

    Peds ran 1:4-1:6 on our general floor and 1:1-1:3 in the PICU. I wouldn't imagine that Christ is altogether different. Medical benefits are Humana HMO or some new PPO they've gone with this year--you contribute part, they contribute part. Dental is First Commonwealth PPO or HMO (don't go with their HMO). Life insurance equal to your annual base salary, $3500/yr. tuition reimbursement after 1 yr. of employment, ST and LT Disability after 6 mos. of employment. Salaries are competitive with other Chicago hospitals. New grads come in around the $19-20/hr. mark I believe. Shift diffs are $1.50/hr for eves, $2.00 for nights, $2.00 for weekends, $1.00 for charge. Advocate is out there to make money just like any other hospital system, and they do scrimp at the bedside where and when they can. They also save money by not offering some of the excellent benefits other places do. For example, University of Chicago or Rush offer 100% reimbursement of tuition expenses for pursuit of a nursing degree or masters. Some places offer better retirement benefits, etc., but you'll need to shop around to find that out.

    Christ is a big place (over 700 beds I think) and from what I've heard, not a terribly friendly hospital. The area it's in is a diverse population, ethnically speaking. It can be gotten to most easily from I-294, or if you live on the south side, via major streets.

    I don't know any recruiters there, but go to the Advocate website:

    and submit an online application. Good luck!
  5. by   Jolie
    I have never worked in an Advocate facility, but have had a generally favorable opinion of them over the years. Christ has been a part of the Advocate system for a long time. A few of my former co-workers left to go to work at Christ, and have seemed reasonably happy there. Also, my next-door neighbor's newborn son was transferred there (Hope Children's Hospital) for open heart surgery. They were very pleased with the care and follow-up.
  6. by   TracyB,RN
    I briefly worked for an Advocate hospital after graduation. IT SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!! I was assgined to tele. At the time, average ratios on the day shift were 1:10. SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only stayed 2 weeks. I was scared to death. Didn't help that my preceptor had no clue what she was doing either. When I asked for a different preceptor with more experience, I was told that I didn't get to pick & choose. The nurse manager was horrible, wanted to write me up for "not answering a call light, b/c it was everyone's job to answer lights." I tried explaining to her that the patient desparately needed a sitter, he was elderly, totally confused & honest to God, he would hit that light as soon as you turned around. I was just walking out of his room for at least the 20th time, in as many minutes, when the light was on, she was ragging at me for not answering it. I would ask, what do you need Mr. X. "Oh, I just wanted to say Hi." That was every single time I answered that light. UUUGGGHHHH The nurse manager would hear nothing of it. I gave my notice at the end of that day, effective immediately.
    It probably wouldnt have been so bad if the manager wasnt so bad.
  7. by   mdwRN
    Thanks for the info and words of caution. I will tread carefully! I am going to take a look at their website and see what positions are currently open.
  8. by   jadednurse
    If you'd like I would be more than happy to share the crappy experiences I've encountered working for the Almighty Advocate system...LGH specifically.

    They love to tout the "One of the nation's top 100 hospitals" thing, but in my experience nothing could be farther from the truth...especially where management and administration are concerned.
  9. by   mdwRN
    I thought about LGH for a second but Christ is closer so I'd be more interested in that location but have to admit a little intimidated by such a large system(Advocate) and it's recruiters that is. I am reworking my resume and trying to decide on a pediatric area to switch to. I'd be interested to hear what to watch out for, OR is it specific to LGH?
  10. by   jadednurse
    Since my experiences were specifically w/ LGH I shouldn't overgeneralize...I just find all the Advocate mission stuff hard to swallow...especially when I didn't see it being carried out where I worked. JMHO. But take the corporate mumbo-jumbo w/ a grain of salt...and a margarita!
  11. by   bestblondRN
    Originally posted by mdwRN
    I thought about LGH for a second but Christ is closer so I'd be more interested in that location but have to admit a little intimidated by such a large system(Advocate) and it's recruiters that is. I am reworking my resume and trying to decide on a pediatric area to switch to. I'd be interested to hear what to watch out for, OR is it specific to LGH?
    I worked at IMMC and found it a good place to work, overall. Once you got past the corporate BS and understood that it rarely carries over into the real world, it was tolerable. The senior management is very corporatized and middle management works their a**** off and drown in paperwork most of the time. Everything seems to be about the almighty budget, but I think most places are like that anymore.

    If you want to work Peds, how about Children's, Cook County or U of C? I can't guarantee how much better they are, if at all, but they are some places to consider and the corporate rhetoric isn't as thick as it is with Advocate.

    Good luck and let us know where you end up!
  12. by   bestblondRN
    P.S.--I should also add that the staff work their a**** off as well! They get their pound of flesh, for sure!
  13. by   Edward,IL
    1) Ratings of hospitals can be done by anyone. Popular magazines are not considered the most reliable. Only about 1.0% of the 5,000 hospitals in the U.S. have Magnet Hospital Status (This recognition being the earned from the American Academy of Nursing's accreditation program).

    2) Peds at U.of C. may be okay. They have a collective bargaining agreemnet with INA that does at least help decrease the shenanigan's played by those management people.

    Just my opinion.
    Edward, IL
  14. by   bestblondRN
    Good points EdwardIL......and Advocate is seeking Magnet status, but does not have it at this time.

    Cook County is also under collective bargaining, as is U of I. I don't know who else has unions.