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  1. Hello nurses,

    I was hoping that I could ask for advice. I am a LVN and in RN school for another 15 months. It's a hybrid program. Most of my classes are online. I have to go to campus for some of the nursing classes and have to take all exams on campus. The hybrid program is great because it allows me to continue working. I have been offered two very different LVN positions and I need help deciding which one I should accept. One position is working with intellectually disabled residents and the other is at a cardiology clinic.

    I was PRN for awhile at the skilled nursing facility and I enjoyed it. I didn't love it, but I enjoyed it because the residents are amazing. I'm interested in the cardiology clinic because I would be 1 of 4 employees there and the only nurse. I would be working very closely with the Dr. and would be helping with stress tests and basically anything else the doctor needs. They have offered to help me get CLS certified and teach me to read EKG's. I have only been a nurse for less than two years and I feel at the clinic I will learn more that will help me in the future but I am torn between the two.

    Thank you in advance for the advice.
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  4. by   brownbook
    It hurts to say it, my grand son is intellectually disabled. But for you, a new nurse, getting the cardiac exposure will give you more flexibility to move into other nursing fields, or even stay there, it sounds like a great job.