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Well more specifically Chicago vs. Philly/Pittsburg/Scranton?? Where would you go and why? Houses are equally as $$ in all places i THINK, so i'm just curious who would choose where. :p... Read More

  1. by   Lpn/Rn
    I am also a southsider and growing up near midway almost all my life. I would think that the commute from Orland and Tinley would be awful. I am a suburbanite located near Willow Springs and like the close access of I 55 and 294 nearby. Bus service and trains are marginal at best,( it doesnt work for my current hours!) but there any many great communities here. I have never been to Philly but from what I have seen it is very comparable to here..Good luck in making a choice
  2. by   nursemary9

    Since I was born & raised on the North side of Chicago I am definitely partial to Chicago. I have worked on the North Side all my life--nearly 40 years.

    Yes, Chicago is expensive--but there is so much here.

    I agree, tho, with most of the others--the commuting can be a drag!! Working nites, tho, I kind of miss a lot of the really bad traffic. Thank the Lord.

    Mary Ann
  3. by   Roland
    If CRNA school is a consideration then consider these arguments:

    1. Pittsburg has FOUR CRNA schools within it's general area (plus you have all of the other CRNA schools in Pennsylvania which could be DRIVEN to for interview rather than having to fly or take days off from work).

    2. Pittsburg has a significantly lower cost of living than Phillie, according to the research that I've conducted (pay is lower too but pay can be overcome via selective searching for better jobs and by working OT) .

    3. Because of the concentration of CRNA schools in Penn in general, and Pittsburg in particular competition might be a LITTLE less stiff (certainly than in Chicago).

    Of course Phillie, and Chicago might offer more high profile ICU's which could increase the odds of acceptance. On the other hand working in Pittsburg Phillidelphia might actually result in working "side by side" SRNA's. Also, this may be way out in left field, but don't forget HOUSTON Texas!. They have several CRNA schools, low cost of living, relatively HIGH pay for nurses, and warm weather!