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hey guys, I need a bit of advice. No one on our med surgical unit wants the responsibility of being charge nurse. And honestly neither do I. Today, i volunteered to go in for an extra-shift.... Read More

  1. by   danielleRN76
    I agree that there is a much deeper problem if so many people hate being charge. We never have that problem on any of the floors that I have worked on. Maybe too much is expected of them and the nurse manager needs to step in and change the expectations. Usually on my unit, I check the telemetry strips, check orders and cosign, notifying the primary care nurse if there are any stats, call MD's if the primary nurse is busy, make assignments, help pass meds for any nurse who is getting behind. things like that. It's a 30 bed unit.
  2. by   gentle
    Hello everyone,

    Sorry it has taken so long for me to update everyone. Well, I believed the saga for me had come to an end. No more charge duties . Yeah, I was definitely dancing . Well, at least for a while anyway.

    You see, we opened up a new wing. Please picture my dancing figure up there being run over by a truck. Needless to say, members have moved to the new wing and they were the fill in charge nurse types.

    Soooo, what happened? we are back to the same situation. As yet another nurse is preparing to bail off the charge nurse bus. Our manager has decided to start pulling from our other halls to fill in the missing people. And guess what? We are happy.

    We like our buddies coming to visit and so far so good. Does this mean, I will eventually have to pull charge duties in the future? Yes, probably so. But, I suppose I will survive the experience. As such, I am learning what I can now by watching the charge nurse and listening to what is going on. I'll probably never do it as well as my buddies; and I certainly won't like it. But sometimes, we all have to take a turn. At least that was what one of our very annoyed buddies said when finding out that everyone was running from the responsibility.

    And ya know, my buddy is right, whether, I like it or not. Thanks for all the advice. I'm still saving it.