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The first hospital I worked at the charge nurse was a perm, full time position. She rarely took pt's unless needed and was responsible for holding down the floor. She was a resource if needed. The... Read More

  1. by   live4today
    I've worked a lot of shifts in the past as Charge Nurse. When I worked evenings and nights, I always chose to take a patient load equal to the nurses.....again, that was my choice...not all the Charge Nurses would do this. When I worked dayshift, I would take up to three to four patients tops, assist other nurses as they needed me to, do admin stuff, chart, help the unit secretaries with doc orders, take phone calls, pass pain meds when another nurse couldn't get to her/his patient, etc. I never felt really stressed since I'm a high level energy person anyway, so the more on the go I was, the better for me. Besides....the action kept me alert and oriented times wouldn't want to have ME get tired on a shift. :chuckle