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  1. Hi, I'm new to this board --actually just found it last night. I'm an RN, my current position is Office Supevision and QA Supervision in a small office of Care Managers. We provide in-home services to the elderly who would otherwise need nursing home placement. Our funding is through the Medicaid program. I have been doing this job for the past seven years. However, I will be moving to a bigger city and have accepted a new position with a large health insurance company that is similar to "a telephone ask a nurse" Sounds interesting. Does anyone have experience with this, I would be interested in hearing about job satisfaction. Another question I have is since I have not done hands on nursing for over seven years, how difficult would it be to get back into practice? The thought of it scares me. Are there refresher courses available? What have others done it this situation? I need to open up my options in case I need to look for another job.

    Thank you for your thoughts are these subjects. I'm glad I found this board, I have read recent posts and it sounds like it will be a great sounding board.

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  3. by   rninformatics
    I have worked as a telephone triage nurse for a hospital's managed care organization.
    Liked it but the pay was not the greatest.
    Make sure that the organization is following established protocals for the information,
    instruction, advise you are giving and make
    sure you adhere to the standards for pediatric and gynecological disorders. Bone up on them if you dont feel comfortable.
    Dont suggest old family remedies (wives tale type treatments) to callers and do a thourough assessment before giving instructions/advise.
    As far as other opportunities you might consider getting certified in case management; volunteering at some community center clinic and taking a clinical refresher course. You say you are moving to a large city. You should not have any problem locating a nursing refresher course. Try your new city's community college.
    Good Luck!
  4. by   barbd
    Hi Barb, refresher courses might be available thru your nursing school. Or the Regents Program, University of the State of New York, Albany, sometimes offered them in the past.
    When I did telephone triage, I found the best thing I could do was to keep asking questions. So many people only gave me part of the picture. As long as you have written protocols or current texts to call on, legally you should be OK. I also would call people back if my gut said they needed a little more support, or if I needed to clarify something. Good luck! Barb
  5. by   happybarb
    Thanks for the info. From the interview I know they follow specific algorithms on the computer. The job sounds fun and interesting. It sure will be different from what I do now. I'm really interested in taking a refresher clinical course in the basic hands on nursing skills, I hope that when I move I get that opportunity.