1. I am in serious need of help I had thought about doing some distance learning to facilitate my working long hours supporting our rather large family with wanting my RN. I contacted Chancellors. I had heard alot about them from a friend. I proceeded to sign up with them and begin. I gave my bank info etc. and waited for my first book. I never received it, so i called on a couple different occasions to see if they could kindly mail me my psych study guide. Still to this day have not received it, they had not taken anything from my account so I just let it all go and moved on.iI received a letter from a law firm stating that I owed Chancellors 5600 + dollars. I immediately called and sent a letter disputing it. I also faxed a letter to them. Well my husband and I have been struggling to make ends meet (i had taken a job that i absolutely loved but it paid alot less than we were used to) I deposited our Mortgage money and our vehicle payment into our bank acct which had already been at a slight negative to begin with. Our mortgage had fallen behind when i had taken the lower paying job. So i needed to call my mortgage company and make my pmt. I deposited the bill money on Thursday, Friday Chancellors froze my account. I received a letter Saturday from an attorney stating that I owe Chancellors 5646.00 and that my acct can be frozen for up to a year!! I am soo upset! Now all my bill money is being held hostage for money that I supposedly owe for a product i never received!! I am at a loss. I am afraid that I will lose my home and everything I have worked so hard for. I have accepted a new job for double my current pay...but what to do about this Chancellors business while I try to start this new job. I am in some serious need of advice or direction. I am at a loss. Please anything.
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  3. by   ABQLNDRN
    You need an attorney and fast. Call around to see if you can find one who will help you Pro Bono. If not, join Pre-Paid legal ASAP (doesn't cost very much) and get them to help you. You should not be forced to pay for a product you never received. In fact, call your State Attorney General's office first thing Monday morning and discuss this with them. Good luck! Keep us posted.
  4. by   Conqueror+
    Sorry for your troubles. It happens to the best of people. First thing is DONT PANIC !!
    You are going to have to open a new bank account ASAP. Do it before you go into chexsystems or some similar thing which will keep you from opening a new account. Change your direct deposit info at the new job to deposit to the new account. Better still would be to get your paycheck in hand, cash it at the bank its drawn on, and deal in cash and money orders until this is straightened out. Its a headache but can be done. For future reference NEVER give anyone like that your bank account numbers. Its asking for trouble. Use a credit card that can be monitored and shut down if needed. Also if you have an agency near you that does daily or instant pay you may have to book a few double shifts with them , get an instant pay, and at least pay your mortgage and buy food until this is sorted out.
  5. by   LIZ31
    Thank You, I will call the attorney generals office Monday during my break from orientation. I appreciate your response. I was beginning to think nobody wanted to discuss this with me.
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    Money orders and cash.....hard but makes sense. I have unlimited OT at new job, starting there on MON. I have worked 80 hours a week before, i can do that I guess. My children and husband will miss me....lesson learned. Just hope I can fix this because tax time is coming, what else are they going to try to freeze? By the way they put a freeze on my bank acct for double what they claim I owe. So much for a quiet weekend. I hope I can fix this.