Chamberlin Edmunds Assoc.

  1. This is a long shot, but, so many read this board. Does anyone work here? They are a national firm based in Atlanta. If so, please email me, I would like to talk to you PLEASE. THANKS!!
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  3. by   P_RN

    In what context?

    Your email address is....hmmmm...interesting.
  4. by   jfpruitt
    PRN, I checked out the website, thanks. Well, I've been offered a position there and was wanting to get an inside take on the company from a current worker. I'm going to school to be an RN and not sure if this is a wise career move. Can you offer advice?

    My email....LOL...
  5. by   P_RN
    Sorry, I only know of the name because I asked my nephew in Atlanta if he'd heard of them.
    I would think it would be better to get some experience as a nurse before locking into a review position, if that's what you were considering.