challange the test?

  1. Hi!! How are all of you doing this lovely night? Well, I'm great (except for maybe some stomach pains..have no idea why..)! anyway....The CNA test is being given free this weekend...Is it a good idea to challange it? I have some friends who said they would help me study and learn take BP and all. Is it really hard? Is it a written test or do you perform tasks and stuff like that? Is it different in every state? Thanks for listening!!

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  3. by   GAstudent
    Yes, it is different in every state. But if they are going to give it free for a weekend then just take it. What state are you in?
  4. by   cna on her way
    I got my CNA by challenging the exam,however I had worked as a med tech and personal care assistant for almost a year beforehand. Yes you have both a written exam and you have a clinical portion. I had to choose three skills out of a hat and be able to perform them. Plus the BP, respirations, manual pulse, and temperature is also a part of the test. I didn't think that it was very hard. But I did study quite a bit. Do you have any experience at all? If it is free though, give it a try, it couldn't hurt any thing.
  5. by   angelac1978
    the CNA exam that I took consisted of a 75 question written exam and 5 procedures out of 24 that we had to study. They could be vitals, transfering to a wheelchair, perineal care, etc, but each procedure had specific steps that we had to do, if we missed so many steps we failed the procedure and failed the entire exam. Also, each procedure had mandatory steps that could not be missed (ex. putting the bed rail up, locking the w/c brake, putting on gloves etc) if we missed one of these, we failed. it took alot of practice and studying to get everything right, I know I couldn't have passed if I hadn't attended a class to learn how. But, like someone else said, every state is different. I am in kentucky and I passed w/ flying colors, btw. I just can't change my member status line.