1. When I signed up for CGFNS last year, EXPEDITE SERVICE WAS AVAILABLE.
    To my surprise, I called this week and the rep over the phone told me that they no longer offer expedite service.
    I checked the website because early this month I saw that an expedite service is still up.But today I checked and it's gone.No notifications from them that they stopped the service since February this year.
    So devastating & a waste of time as well money, because they are not transparent to the applicants about the timeline.They are quick in accepting applicants & receiving payments.But very inefficient with updating & reviewing your account.
    Why they can't HOLD, on accepting applicants for now until they can improve their efficiency?? Somebody I hope should evaluate on this matter.
    I feel trapped. They don't accept the $250 Expedite Service anymore yet they are accepting EXPEDITE SERVICE for VISASCREEN for $500.00. I can't understand....
    Please help me enlighten guys.....

    CGFNS is really slow on checking my papers. They already received my documents & it took them a month just to update my account.And another 12 business weeks excluding holidays to go over and evaluate the documents.

    I am wondering what other people are experiencing....
    WHAT CAN WE DO AS NURSES or ASPIRING NURSES to RESOLVE this CANCER in the system. This is not just a waiting game but as well as the a waste of money.I wish money grows in trees but it doesn't.
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