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  1. I am a new Case Manager at a rural hospital. I have not had a mentor and this is a new job at this facility so I have no guidelines. I fear that I am not doing an adequate job and my facility may suffer for it. Does anyone have some tips that may help me? Your knowledge is much needed.
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  3. by   PPL
    Relax; I bet you're doing a better job then you think. If your patients are mostly elderly, medically fragile, etc., there are many services in place to help these patients. Contact your area council on aging to find out what is available. That would be a start. I was told at an interview that it could be a full year before I would start to feel comfortable in such a job. First you have to know what services are available and for what type of patients you're serving. It seems it would be helpful to network with other nurse case managers and social workers. Maybe someone will list a site that might be helpful. Don't undermine yourself with critisism and don't be afraid to call other facilities and speak to case managers. If they can help you, they feel good and so do you. Maybe some case managers will post too. Best luck.