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  1. I am currently an Associate Degree Registered Nurse working in a nursing home. With an average of 40 residents per nurse, I usually come home from work exhausted. This spring I will be beginning work on my BSN in order to open up some career options. Currently a member of the AADE, I am seeking information on careers in community health education. What's out there? I am seeking general information on possible career paths.

    Thank you!
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    Public Health Programs will vary with what is available in your area. When I completed my senior work for my BSN (I completed my RN to BSN program in Spring 2001), we had many options for the Public Health portion. I became involved in the Nurse Manged Health Care Clinic held at the senior centers in town. I loved the rotation and hope to someday "mimik this program" in my new location in a different state then where I graduated.

    Other specialties in the Public Health arena that I had to choose from (this comes off the top of my head mind you) were: School Nursing, Home Health, the Free Clinic, Dept. of Senior Affairs, and a Nurse "Street" program giving out clean needles for those who are registered, and Hospice. Again, this can vary.

    I put together a Heart Disease Teaching Program for an American Indian group at their community center. I got to use Power Point for the first time and was privately coached by my instructor (because it was a volounteer project which I ended up getting extra credit for it). It was so rewarding and memorable.

    You may find it helpful to check with the college you will be attending for their options. I also noted that the options were different for the " regular BSN students" who were in the 4 year program. You could also look at a Public Health Nursing Book for more ideas.

    Good Luck to you.... I admire your courage. It is really tough going to school and working... in some ways it was easier for "us RN to BSN completion students" but in some ways... like having to work fulltime it was much more challenging.. do-able but tough....

    You patients will gain from your additional training and yes.... (thank GOD) more doors do open for you...

    In peace,

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