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  1. i am a RN , and i just don't have the resources to help a friend. my friend lives with her elderly mother and they live on the mom's social security and my friends wages. the mom can't work she has arthritis her in hips and knees and can't hear well. there are siblings but they offer no financial support. i admit my friend makes good money and not poverty, but she has student loans and all the bills. the mom only recieves $700.00 a month Social security . does anyone know any care giver resources for the middle class who take care of their elderly parents? i just don't know what to do to help and i just don't know enough about the resources that help the elderly and their care givers. i asked her if she could declare the mother on her tax return as a dependant.. i guess that would help some. i know she took money out of her 401 K to keep them going. now she has nothing to retire on. i feel helpless and wish i knew what to say. thank you all in advance. is there anyone else out there taking care of elderly family members?
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    Being that's it really late for me right now and I'm functioning on my last brain cell, the only resource that comes to mind is get in contact w/ the social worker of the facility where you work. I'm sure they would have a whole host of valuable information/contacts that could help your friend out.