Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors

  1. Ok, I had this question on a final today, and I know they are given to pts with glaucoma, but I can't find why they are given orally to be effective....Here's the question I had.

    Why do carbonic anydrase inhibitors have to be given orally to be effective? why are they given?

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  3. by   GracefulRN
    Ok, I don't know the answer, but my gut tells me that if the medication needs to be converted into an active form (e.g. pH conformation change in the stomach) that would be a reason that it would have to be given orally.

    I hope someone who really knows replies to your thread.

  4. by   GracefulRN
    I did a quick google of CA and it said that it could be given PO or IM, what's up with that? :uhoh21: