can't wait to go US

  1. can anyone just help answer these few Questions..... Cause going to Us in 2 years time (i hope)... but a lot of enquires to make.

    how many division of nursing u all have? (e.g. rn 2b)
    what is the different in all division?
    how u all work in us? solely independent????
    what is the pay like?
    heard of any agency that can help through???
    what is the living standard there?
    Green card holder.... what is a different??
    if i work there... will i have any discriminations??
    which unversities u suggest???
    is nclex worldwide??/

    if feel free to give advises....
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Have you completed any of your exams or paperwork?
    CGFNS or English exams?
    Registered with a Board of Nursing for NCLEX?

    In the US, we have diploma-training, two year associate degree, and 4 year BSN. All three allow you to sit for the NCLEX exam. Upon passing, you are given the title of RN.
    If you are a foreing trained nurse, and are applying to work on oyur own visa in the US, meaning not thru a spouse, you are required to obtain a green card, which gives you permanent residency. In order to qualify for this, you must pass either the CGFNS or NCLEX exams, as well as the series of English exams. You will be required to take NCLEX even if you take CGFNS which is required for many states. Since you live in Singapore, you can take the NCLEX exam in Saipan, once you have an ATT letter and not have to fly over to the US to take it.
    Cost of living will vary depending on city and state. Salaries will also vary depending on same.
    You are asking about universities, for nursing school or master's degree?

    Hope that this gives you a start, feel free to write with any more questions.