Can't find work--- FRUSTRATED

  1. I have been an LPN for 5 years, all of which have been in longterm care (nursing homes). I did some traveling for my first year as a nurse and was employed in Georgia, Texas and NY state. My most recent job was in Syracuse NY for which I was employed for almost 4 years. In March of 2011 after a battle with my own medical issues and recent illness of my grandfather for which I could not recieve FMLA I was fired from my job due to going over my sick days. I cannot argue for that which they fired me, they are running a business and they need employees to work, if everyone is always calling in sick, it makes it hard for them to run the business efficiently and provide quality care for its patients. However I have become increasingly frustrated that after nearly 6 months of being unemployed I still have yet to find a job. I have applied at over 40 seperate places, including other nursing homes, doctors offices, hospitals and home care, out of those places I have had about 6 interviews, all of which I think went quite well until I get the call to say they will not be hiring me, the reasons range from they have already filled the position to not giving me a reason at all. I have never in my life had to look for a job for longer then a week or 2, and I have never been interviewed and not receive the position. I am a qualified nurse with many skills and yet I am unemployed. I am beginning to wonder if my previous employer has black marked me somehow. My most recent interview was about a week ago at a local nursing home for nuns, the woman I interviewed appeared very interested in me, she even gave me a tour of the facility and introduced me to staff saying that I was the new night nurse. So here I am thinking I've bagged the position. Before concluding the intereview she said she would contact me after calling my references and past employers and begin the final steps of the hiring process. A week later, still no call and she has not returned my messages.

    I'm not understanding what is going on? I'm frustrated and confused. If it is possible that my recent employer is giving me a bad reference I don't understand why. Yes I was fired, but for reasons beyond my control. I have never abused or neglected any of my patients, I have never been charged with any crime. My patients were my family and to this day they still ask the other staff about me and ask when I'm coming back. So why is it I cannot find a job? Has this ever happened to anyone else?
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