Can't decide which job???

  1. So I have to make a choice between two jobs soon. I currently work for the VA. I tried twice to get into their new grad program with two failed attempts. Things stalled for a couple of weeks and I ventured off to find my own job. I landed several interviews and got hired at a local hospital. Then my job all of the sudden got me into a third new grad program. So I have to make a decision soon. Either I take the local hospital job or stay with the VA and continue in their new grad program. Here are my list of pros and cons:

    Pros: I've been there almost 5 years and have a good pension if I stay with them. I will get 4 weeks of vacation. I know I can reach management fast because I've impressed a lot of people. I'll probably get paid more. The job will be at the clc so it's pretty much a nursing home. The work isn't physically demanding. I have a union. I like the organization.

    cons: first I have to do a new grad residency for 3 months in Palo Alto (far away). I have to commute 45 miles away to my next job after the 3 months. There is a vanpool though. Schedule is either morning, PMs, or nights. Get every other weekend off. 2 year contract. Once I'm past 2 years I'm not sure how long it will take to work closer to home.

    Local hospital:
    pros: 12 hour shifts, 3 days , self schedule, great hospital. Best hospital locally to work at. 5 minutes from my house. I have inside people, so the goal would be to move through the hospital and work specialty such as critical care. Good benefits. No commuting

    cons: I leave the VA. Slightly less money. Hard work. Harder to get back in the va. I have inside people but not sure if I can trust them at the local hospital.

    In the end I have a fAmily and I'm worried about lost time with the kids. I'm not yet 40 so a pension is something to consider. My goal is stay with the VA no matter what even if I leave I would find my way back. My current boss is my mentor and will help me pursue my masters and get the va to pay for it. I just don't want to be one hour away from family.
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  3. by   Lisacar130
    I vote for staying with the VA, due to the great benefits-esp the pension. It's what I would choose. I have never worked with anyone who left a VA job to work in a regular hospital. It's always the other way around. I have heard the working environment for the VA is much slower paced and less stressful. Up to you though. I don't know how much harder it would be to get back into the VA once you left, if you leave. I know for teachers (another union job) when they leave teaching they have a hard time getting back in because the school would rather hire a newbie who hasn't earned years worth of pension and other benefits. I don't know if the VA is like that too where it would be harder to get back in once you leave.