- A big thankyou!!......

  1. to all those who have looked over the site and signed up to the form to be notified when the first free cancer nursing course goes live.

    The feedback I have received has been most appreciated, and in some ways the volume has been "scary" as to the demand we can expect (we are only a small team at the moment).

    We shall try our best to provide a superb and free resource.

    Thank you again. I hope you don't mind if I post questions here every now and again to find out what you really would look for in an excellent e-learning course.


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  3. by   disher
    Ray, I don't know if you have the Harvard website as a link for your site, but it is very useful for estimating cancer risk and some nurses might be interested in it, it is
  4. by   Ray Irving
    Thank you disher.

    I've passed that link on to the course development team.

    One of the aspects on the courses will be that each course contains a small number of links that are selected by the "experts" as particularly useful. Each link will have a description attached to it rather than just be a massive links page.

    There will also be an easy way to nominate a link to the course teams.

    The Harvard link has now been nominated!

    Many thanks for the info.