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    I was wondering whether you would spend a couple of minutes to look over a website that I am collaborating on, and that will be providing free online courses on Cancer Care, primarily aimed at nurses.

    The site address is:

    Could you post HERE your thoughts on the idea of these courses and the website. Would you find them useful? Do we explain well enough what would be involved?

    I'd also be very interested in reading whether you would only take an online course if you received some form of "credit" for doing so?

    Many, many thanks in advance.

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  3. by   disher
    Ray I like the look of the site, it is easy to read. It wasn't clear to me what the course will include. Will it be an article and multiple choice questions or is this still being determined?
    I am interested in online courses as a method of informal learning but obtaining a credit is not important since continueing education credits are not required to maintain nursing registration in Ontario. We are expected to participate in self reflective practice and this can be formal or informal learning activites.
  4. by   Ray Irving
    Thanks Disher

    This bit under the Frequently-asked questions link may help:

    What do I have to do on a e-learning course?

    The first stage is to register (for free) for the course and read the Introductory pages. This will provide you with a background to the course development team, the structure of the course, and the content covered. The course will typically be composed of three key types of resource:

    1. Informational web pages that provide text, pictures and diagrams related to the course subject. This content ranges from factual pieces of text to case studies and scenarios.
    2. Self-assessment exercises to test your knowledge and understanding of each topic of the course.
    3. Further resources, covering books, journal articles and websites that have been selected by the course development team as being particularly relevant to those interested in the field. Each highlighted resource also contains a description that will enable you to decide whether you obtain the book or journal article, or visit the website.

    You navigate through the course at your own pace, choosing your own route, and you can re-read any of the text and undertake any of the self-assessment exercise as often as you want.

    Thanks again for your comments.


  5. by   jevans
    Brilliant form of learning
    count me in
  6. by   Ray Irving
    Thanks Jevans!

  7. by   Ray Irving
    Many thanks to everyone who has contacted me with comments.