Canadian trained nurses in Pennsylvania...?????

  1. I'm just finishing up the final four months of my RN up here in the frozen north and need a little guidance about Pa state regulations.
    I've now spent hours looking through the ncsbn site, and INS, and have placed dozens of calls to the Pa State board of nursing over the past few months (but have not received a call back from them yet)
    What I've been trying to figure out is following completion of my RN program up here in Ontario, am I permitted to practice under the "temporary" license clause in the state of Pa? And if this is possible how in the world do I get ahold of the documents to fill out as the Pa DOS website offers these documents to US trained students only....(and refers Canadian students to call the DOS directly)
    The only other option following all of this is to wait until after I write my provincal exams up here (2 months later) before I can come down to work.
    I guess all of the Breaucratasadomasocracy runarounds have me frazzled.....
    any little help would be greatly appreciated !!!!!

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