1. Hello All,

    So I am doing my second baccalaureate in nursing (my first is in Psych form UCLA). I am mostly applying to school sin the US, but I was also considering Canada. My worries, though are making me think twice: 1.) Would it be harder to gain acceptance as a US citizen? 2.) If my degree were form a Canadian school (i.e. Univ. British Columbia, U Toronto etc) would I be qualified to take the NCLEW here in the US?

    Anybody know? Any help is always appreciated!!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You will be qualified to write the NCLEX-RN exam provided that the curriculum meets the requirements of the state where you would be applying.

    NCLEX is only one part of the licensing process, but be aware that they get quite a few Canadian's applying to those programs as well, so it may not be any easier for you to get in there.

    If the state where you wish to go to requires the CGFNS exam, then you would have to take that, except for MI that waives it for Canadian grads, but you will need to go thru any process such as the CES, for most states if you graduate out of the US. You would be treated as a foreing grad in terms of licensure.
  4. by   jewelsg627
    Thanks, Suzanne.

    I imagine I would have a HARDER time getting in because I assume Canadian citizens get preference. It was just a thought. I would love to move to Canada, but I have heard that finding a job there (as a U.S citizen) is near impossible. I would still love to live there at least for awhile, and I thought that while I was there, I could finish nursing, but now I'm not so sure.

    So, I wonder if it's even worth applying to Canadian schools.....

    Thanks again!! :roll
  5. by   suzanne4
    If you go there on a student visa, then you wil be unable to work, something else to consider.

    An dit is always harder to get a job in a foreign country as an RN, the jobs go first to their nurses.