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OMG, I'm so frustrated! I just took a full time position in medical/telemetry and put in for a PRN position in our OR (where I've been working for the past year). I got home today and listened to a... Read More

  1. by   Ted
    The name of the game in my small hospital is FLOATING !!

    Interesting, the O.R. is adequately staffed. I've actually never heard of anyone floating to or from the O.R.

    However . . .

    I've done PACU, Med/Surg (helped out with meds, vitals, etc), ER and ICU/CCU in one night.

    In a hopsital that only holds about 35 beds, you got to do what you got to do . . . or not work.

    I do love my job, though. I especially like starting in the ER then going with my patient and continuing his/her care in the ICU/CCU. Way cool!