Can someone answer this question about my headaches

  1. I know you may not have the answer. But I was just wondering. I have four impacted wisdom teeth. And two of them are hitting nerves. Now I'm getting really big headaches. LOL I know this might seem like a really stupid question and maybe the two things aren't related. But I am just wondering.
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  3. by   Miller86
    Prior to having my wisdom teeth removed I had all the exact same complaints you had!! Headaches on a daily basis. Once removed the problem disappeared, now i only get the rare headaches. I would suggest checking them out!
  4. by   rn/writer
    Per the Terms Of Service for this site, we can't give medical advice or comment on personal medical situations.

    This is something you need to discuss with your healthcare provider or your dentist.

    I hope you feel better soon.

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