Can nurses administer paralytics ie rock,vec etc.

  1. Recently our DON has said R.N. can't give paralytics.In the past we have often given these drugs when assisting with intubation esp.peds as we have a large volumr of pediatric emergencies.In other states when working in ICU I have also done this. So I need some feedback from other nurses. It would be great if some other Alaskan nurses could answer. Does the Alaska Nurse practice act place this out of an R.N.'s scope of practice? If so then why are so many of us doing it ? I know our flight nurses are .HELP! Our Docs are pretty upset by this
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  3. by   oramar
    Where I used to work this was permited in ICU and ER, not on general floor or telemetry. However, if the patient was on telemetry the MD could administer the paralytic medication.