Can I file a complaint?

  1. My sibling was in the ICU for 2 weeks and on ventilator. I was the one who stays with her at night. I wasnt getting enough sleep so I was really slow. 3 days before my sister passed away, she had this lazy nurse It was almost morning when i realized she didnt even give her oral care the whole night knowing that shes on ventilator. She also sedated her (my sister was asleep the entire shift) when her BP went down, she gave her medication to raise her bp up. 3 days later she developed pneumonia. I have read reserach about ventilator induced pneumonia and oral care is one of the preventive measure. She died of failed organs but im thinking that pneumonia brought her down. Do you think its reasonable to file a complaint against thaf nurse? Thank you
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    We are so sorry for your loss. This isn't an issue that we can you with - please contact your sister's provider or the hospital where care was provided.