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I will be a new nursing student in the fall but am wondering why so many people are leaving the nursing profession? :confused: Could some of you help me out here and let me know what is going on. ... Read More

  1. by   StrawberryBSN
    originally posted by acnorn
    as i said, opinions are fine. there are other factors that are the root causes of the negative experiences that nurses are facing at the bedside. until we deal with the root causes, the nursing experience is not going to get better. i tend to be action oriented and prefer getting to a solution rather than sitting and being unhappy with my situation. melh obviously doesn't know the reasons for the nursing shortage or she wouldn't ask. the opinions of the other respondents are no doubt heart-felt and true, but they don't give her any understanding of the "why" of the nursing shortage. opinions are just great. they are certainly all over this nursing forum - albeit most of them negative. a few facts don't hurt anyone either. if you want an opinion, mine is that no one will ever enter nursing if they read many of these posts.
    man...nail right on the head!

    i am relatively new here and i tend to get a little frustrated with some of the posts i see here. i joined because i thought i could use this bb avenue to network with other nurses in the profession ( is still a profession!) of healthcare delivery to learn more about "global" nursing issues and how others have either found a solution or using "something" that is beneficial. but more often than not, i hear gripping, whining and complaining, about aspects of the nursing industry that has existed for ages and won't go anywhere by the rambling bickers vented here.

    now, before anyone gets bent outta shape reading this post...yes, i understand there are some aspects of nursing that truly sucks. "sucks, sucks, sucks! i'm there with you. but going around the mulberry bush by glorifying personal incidents of nursing injustices' just doesn't get anyone anywhere. maybe venting does help short term, but long term, what's a solution? i had a manager whose philosophy was you couldn't bring her a problem or a gripe unless you had a solution or an idea for a solution. at first the department thought she was dodging her duties to lead. but as we witnessed every gripe we bought to her, our solutions implemented, we realized she was a person trying to "make it" work as we all where, and using our ideas made a big difference in trusting her to lead.

    all this is to say i appreciate your post, acnorn. it was fact based without being sterile of personality. thank you for adding specific data amongst the "i think its because.... and its not fair and i hate...." posts.

    no doubt this post will get dragged to the edge of the city and stoned . if it helps another nursing peer feel better about to judge and belittle, in the form of an "opinion", then i'm happy to make someone's day

  2. by   JEA616
    Where to most others have said low pay, long hours that take a toll on you physically(12 hour shifts are the in thing), even though you hold a degree and are a professional you are treated as a glorified waitress by families, lack of respect by physicians (even verbally abused by them at times), weekends, holidays (not bad when you're single but when you have a family it is very tough), exposure to infectious potentially deadly diseases. Oh yes my favorite after 10 years in L&D, the joy of being involved in a lawsuit if the outcome is not perfect regardless of the cause. (never happened to me yet but I've watched some coworkers go through it). I became a nurse because my mother was an RN and she shoved me into it. She was the old school where it was really the only "secure " job for a woman. If I'd had a choice I probably would not have persued this profession even though I have found a measure of satisfaction especially lately since working for Hospice. Go ahead and do your best at college but keep your eyes wide open and remember why you decided to do this in the first place..helping others. GOOD LUCK!!!
  3. by   Brita01
    Family members are a big problem for me. The ones who aren't satisfied no matter what you do. Every shift I work, there's always at least one in my face about something that usually has nothing to do with me, my shift, and sometimes not even nursing. I'm really tired of having a job where I can't work without being harassed by somebody. And nowadays they're looking for a quick buck, so the word "sue" drops readily from their lips. I'm no pushover, and always put these people in their place. But I'm just tired of having to deal with it.
  4. by   StrawberryBSN
    Ya know...In Cali, they come in with attornies!
  5. by   salve#1
    Dear Mel. I am a male nurse. In this field sex makes no difference. in fact I think I hate this career more then the average female does. Some say that more males in the field will help, but very few if any male nurses will wan't to put up with this pathetic career any more then I will. I have read many replies on this and I agree with all of them. Yes, this was primarily a "womans job" and still holds the sexist non-verbal slander that woman have put up with for years. The "OH THEY WILL TAKE WHAT WE GIVE THEM" is still the domineering attitude of hospital executives. While they go home to there mansion you will still be puting up with slave labor, slave hours, and very close to slave pay. For example, my sister has been a pharmacist at wallgreens for only 2 years. Allready she makes $90,000.00 a year! This is what we should be making. I guarantee you it is not going to happen short of a nation wide walk out, which I wish we could organize
    :-) After 3 years I am leaving the so called career for pharmacy school myself. If you decide that you don't wan't to believe all of us, give it a shot. All I will say is if you do, work in the most difficult intense unit you can for one year. Then go agency. Atleast that way you will get paid close to what we all rightly deserve. Good luck, but run anyway.

    August :-)
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    Originally posted by ruffhouser

    I don't think that you said anything that was awful. I am a new RN. My supervisors are fine thus far. However, in my former line of work (banking), I had both male and female supervisors. For the most part, I found that the male bosses were much easier to work with, especially when it came to family issues (sick child, etc.). I never abused the family issues thing, but the male bosses were always willing to work with me while the females were very difficult and catty. Just my $0.02!
  7. by   MelH
    Geez, gals and guys!!! Should I be entering this field??? I know I love taking care of people but I can do without all the extras!!! Will I get a taste of it during clinicals?? What should I expect? I don't want to get into a field that I am going to feel like cussing everyone out in!! YIKES!!!!! I can bite my tongue but not for too long!
  8. by   ruffhouser
    Originally posted by MelH
    Geez, gals and guys!!! Should I be entering this field??? I know I love taking care of people but I can do without all the extras!!! Will I get a taste of it during clinicals?? What should I expect? I don't want to get into a field that I am going to feel like cussing everyone out in!! YIKES!!!!! I can bite my tongue but not for too long!
    Cheer up! I have found that things were much better as an RN than they were as a student. We had been treated terribly by some of the nurses on some of our rotations in school. It got to the point that I was terrified to enter the profession. However, my fears were unfounded. As a newbie, I have been treated wonderfully. The nurses have all been kind and supportive. I wish you the best. Take heart!
  9. by   teeituptom
    howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas

    There is no nursing shortage, we are all out on the golf course spending our tremendous salaries. Cant work if we are on the course all the time.
  10. by   JailRN
    I know nore people who WERE nurses and are now selling tupperware and cosmetics, etc.
    We work weekends, nights, holidays, 12 hr shifts, 10 hr shifts, 8 hr shifts, 4 hr shifts, get no respect, mandatory OT, our license on the line every day, deal with death, vomit, poop, spit, are harassed, abused and battered by patients, administrators and staff alike. Can't switch with someone and miss important events in our kids life, baseball games, concerts, plays, graduation, etc, for far less $$$ than others with the same amount of education earn (we're supposed to get our reward in heaven) That's why I left the hospital and went to the jail, THe salary is good, benefits are great, environment is much better than the hospital and I don't have to put up with abuse. The jailers protect us and so does the court if one of us is touched. I just love being in jail!!!!
    But like I told my husband and one of my friends, It's not too late to change your mind.
  11. by   MelH
    so jail is the place to be?? Haha! Love it! Might have to check that out! Thanks!
  12. by   salve#1
    Mel, I must be fair and tell you that this is avery rewarding job. It's all what you put into it and what you think you should be able to get back. If you aren't to worried about the later, this is a good job for you. And I don't mean that as a put down on the job. I do have great fun with colleugues and patients. I think as awhole though, so many of us just feel so oppressed. Imagine how you felt as a child when you occasionally didn't get attention from your parents as you thought they didn't care. It generally was a short lived thing and you soon felt better and got your attention-recognition. But imagine if you never did. Fin.
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    Check out new report:

    Health Care at the Crossroads: Strategies for Addressing the Evolving Nursing Crisis<br />
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