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Please read this situation and respond to the questions below, with your title (LPN, RN, ect.) would really help me out :) .... You enter a patient's room to answer a call light and are very... Read More

  1. by   Faby
    hi. I've seen so many times situations like this. I totally agree with Lacey. We act in the same way here in South America. First, you have to know what's going on, then see if you could help and how, always considering hospital policy, if you can't help ,go get your chief and tell what's going on, so he/she can solve the problem. NEVER administer any medication, no matter how, if you didn't prepare it; even on emergencies you can, and should, take the necessary time to administer medicines or do whatever is necessary to be done. Doctors, and that is my experience, many times, make quick decitions, and involve others not thinking in further responsibilities, so sometimes, if thier choice doesn't work, they just tell everybody, they didn't indicated that procedure that the nurse applied, leaving the nurse by his or her own, facing the consequences. So be careful of just doing what the policies allow you to do, and no more. RN in Uruguay