can anyone HELP ME?????

  1. does anyone ya'll guys knows here the standard number of hours in duty rotation?????????? help help help me plsss and importance of it..

    i need the standard number of hours in the PHILIPPINES if none International is fine.......

    hope to hear it form you guys ASAP... thanks

    or just e-mail it to me:
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  3. by   dexter99
    The usual shift here in NY is 12 hours (7a-7p/7p-7a) There are some with 8 hour shifts (7a-3p/3p-11p/11p-7a)... Did I answer your question?
  4. by   gunlock45
    thanks for that, can you give me a website for dat? i need a reference this is for our nursing research.. and i need it badly, we will defend it this week.. so plss guys HELP ME..... huhuhu