Can anyone help

  1. hello everyone, my name is rachel and im a childrens nurse in london, uk.
    currently writing an essay and stressing because i cant find some information!
    Was wondering if anybody had an evaluation tool for teaching or knew of a good one. Also an assessment tool for when assessing other staff or students.
    I would be very very greatful if anyone could help - thankyou in advance.

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  3. by   Antikigirl
    I don't know of a particular one myself for Children because I generally work with adults to older adults. However, I do break things down first of into four catagories for teaching dependant on how they respond and other clinical factors. Do they learn best by: Reading, Doing, Listening, or pictures/charts. If I can establish that, I can try to use my skills in teaching to accomidate the best possible learning ability!

    Also, look at mental age in learning and go accordingly! I have run into adults that learn on a lower mental/social age scale than others...which is fine..and kids that learn as adults would. This takes practice, and I tend to go very easily with and orange most times till otherwise they show me they can handle more.

    Most importantly when I teach, I use humor and stories! People remember those better, and usually retain that info for a long time! Mneumonics is also an excellent way to teach!!! For kids regarding say...diabetes...I tell them that the pancreas is where the body parks all the trucks that take sugars into cells...and they don't have as many they have to watch how much sugar/carbs they eat so they don't have more sugar than trucks to take them in the bloodstream to the hungry cells! Kids get that, and most adults do too...yeah it is simple...but once they have that can elaborate more accordingly!

    Good luck, and if it comes to teaching...ask some local teachers as well...they will have a wealth of info on how to teach! That is who I learned from, and took a quick course in RN school on how to teach patients (that was provided with psych and I am so happy it was!).

    ***Oh yeah...props are good too, use your creativity ...LOL, I have used a air filled glove once to describe a nerve cell! LOL!