California leads nursing ratios battle... - page 2

Gov. Gray-out Davis signed a bill today further affecting nurse ratios in the Golden State. The story can be found here and here.... Read More

  1. by   sjoe
    I plan to do a write-in vote: Jesse Ventura.

    My second choice would be an independent or a 3rd party candidate if any of them appealed to me--none has so far.

    (And yes, I know the tired argument about "throwing away one's vote." It is only thrown away if I vote for someone I don't want to have in the office.)

    Of course, we all know that Davis is going to win anyway. He's more photogenic and this is, after all, California.
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  2. by   Gomer
    SJoe...Simons is kinda cute, in a Republican whitebread way.

    And, MN, I too remember the Ronstat period. Wonder whatever happened there.

    As for the I said, lord help CA...if the quakes don't get us the politicians will.