California HMO's sued

  1. I just read that the California Medical Association filed suit against the state's 3 largest HMO's, alleging corruption and racketeering. Here is a direct quote from the story:
    The suit, filed by the California Medical Association which represents 34,000 doctors in the state, alleges the HMOs' "policies and practices are financially driven rather than patient oriented," and that "cost considerations and profits are routinely given priority over patient care."

    So,everyone, what do you think of this action by the CMA? My general feeling is "Way to go! Stick it to the HMO's!" For far too long, HMO's have gotten away with putting profits before patients and now they are finally being called on the carpet for it. I feel that a lawsuit is the only thing that is going to make any kind of impression on the HMO industry. I also think the California Nurses' Association (CNA) should join this lawsuit as plaintiffs.

    I'll be really curious to hear people's thoughts on this news.

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  3. by   3651bht
    Don't count your chickens before they hatch. Anyone can sue anyone for anything it's what they get that counts. If the HMO loses we'll pay for their losses and their legal fees. If they win we'll pay triple the legal fees. ......
  4. by   3651bht
    Another aside look what lawsuits have done for Bill and Hillary!!!!!