Calf pain

  1. I work 10 hr shifts as a PDN. Two months ago I switched cases and started working night shift 5 days a week. Since then my left calf has been hurting, it's a constant throbbing regardless if I'm sitting, resting or walking. I've taken OTC pain meds which don't seem to help. I have a tough time falling asleep because of the leg pain, and I made the mistake of taking Benadryl to help me sleep that I woke up in so much leg pain. Has anyone had experience with this before? During my shift I stand up and walk around my pts room, I try to stretch my legs and move them up and down whenever I'm sitting. I tried on some dansko shoes that felt really comfy but I'll have to wait til after the holidays to purchase them. Would compression socks help? My feet do swell up during my shift and at first both legs would hurt but as of late only my left calf has been in constant pain and my feet do still swell up. Any advise on shoes or what else I could do? TIA
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  3. by   Neural
    Have you tried heat or ice after shifts?

    Though it makes me feel like an old man, I often utilize heat and ice (sometimes both) after a long, hard shift, or else I stiffen up.

    For instance, an ice pack on the right knee and a heating pad on the lower back is the recent fix. It works a lot better than NSAIDS.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from bdbrdb
    Any advise on shoes or what else I could do? TIA
    My advice is to see your primary care provider if you have not already done so. Without knowing what exactly might be causing the calf pain, the membership is not in an optimal position to provide the medical advice or guidance you need.

    Good luck to you. I hope your pain eases soon.
  5. by   Karou
    You need to see your PCP. Many things can cause your type of pain, some of which could require intervention. Better not to speculate and treat symptoms (pain), you need to see your doctor and find out what's causing it. Good luck!