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How are you all? I've been reading threads on how difficult it is to enter nursing school. Does anyone know why? I mean with nurses shortage you will think it will be easier to enroll (qualified... Read More

  1. by   boggle
    There's another factor to consider here.....The "nursing shortage" also includes nursing instructors-full and part time faculty, clinical and campus instructors.

    If you want to enroll more students each semester, you need to increase teaching positions.

    Maintaining and hiring new nursing instructors is not always easy. Part time instructors burn out too!
    They work many many hours outside of the time spent with students.

    Their commitment to teaching hours does not always add up to a full time salary, but the scheduled teaching hours make it hard to work another job unless you take a casual or per-diem position.

    So now you have nurses working part time for two employers and may still not have benefits.

    Anyway,... good luck with your pre-req's. Don't give up if you don't make the first cut. Check what criteria your desired school uses to select their students. Can adding some experience in the health care field may increase your chances of being selected?
    We need you!
  2. by   Xenia
    Thanks.. I will keep you all posted on my status..

  3. by   Teshiee
    I am originally from Ohio and the cost of a community college is very expensive. I came to California and was impressed how inexpensive school is. I took advangtage of the low cost and start taking my classes. They have book grants, financial aid here so cost factor is no reason to not go to school.

    I notice they have only certain amount of slots for students and it pretty much depends on how well you did in your prereq's. I was very lucky. I took the neccessary entrance exam and started that next semester. Personally I never really had a hard time getting in the program.

    Now for LVN's/who go into career ladder. I notice a trend of making a LVN/LPN take an entrance exam to be placed in a certain semester depending how well he /or she does. The worse you would do 2nd semester or better go to third. I agree they need more room but there is a teaching shortage and I am sure nursing instructors are suffering too.