Burn Out

  1. I've been in this industry for more than 10 years and have been disgusted with the lack of flexibility and control I have due mainly to cost control in the hospital setting(understaffing, low pay, long hours.) I would love the opportunity to work locally and create my own schedule, since I have two kids and am tired of commuting long distances to work in an understaffed hospital! I would like to know how other nurses feel about this dilemma. I recently heard about a new concept called americancaregiver.com where care providers contract directly with care seekers in their area. I've heard it will be available in November, but that clinicians can sign on now to have their credentials posted when it becomes available. Does anyone out there know any other resources for someone in my situation? I'm desperate to spend more time with my family and less time on the road!
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  3. by   rnfromga_99
    Iwould like some more info about americancaregiver.com. I went to the website and was unable to get any information
  4. by   twill

    Just a suggestion, have you tried OR nursing? I find it to be the best hours for my children and have had no problem finding hospitals/surgery centers in areas close to home. There are plenty who are willing to train you to circulate (not passing instruments). This could be done in about 6 months. Smaller hospitals usually require some emergency callback but your hours are much better than the floor: 6:30 - 3pm Monday thru Friday. You should check it out. It could keep you in nursing and have you home in time to be with the kids after school.

    Another option for young moms is school nursing...but it usually doesn't pay as well.

    Short -Staffing isn't usually a problem in either area.

    Just a thought,
  5. by   cynthia L. Green
    Have you tried Registry? Everyone seems to think it's not stable enough for them or they aren't willing to float to hospitals in town. I tell you; I'm a fairly new nures and I felt I owed it to myself and my husband to not be so stressed out from woking so much
    and get paid for what I'm worth! So I got a
    per diem job at a busy hospital and signed up with two registry's. I work so much less now
    and make $1,000 to 1,800 + a week! Per diem pays excellent and you get time and 1/2 if
    called in. The registry varies from 24 to 29$ per hour and you get OT after 8 hrs. I can work as often or as few as I want and take vacations etc. If I get called off for a 7a to 7p shift, I sign up for a 8 hr 3 to 11p shift. I never have trouble paying the bills and enjoy the extra money and time. My health insurance only costs 123.00 per month. I make way more than that. The agencies are like employers with benefits and insurance available. They will cater to YOU! You should take a big step and try it!
  6. by   RN'91
    I too feel the verge of burn out. I have been a staff nurse for almost 9 years. understaffed, overworked, and underpaid and manditory overtime. Work ethics suck where i work. The assistive person lack assistance and don't put the patient first. Everday it's a battle to find them in a new hiding spot or to pry the phone from thier ear as the gossip to thier friends about thier love life. yet they complian they have too much work and why aren't the RNs helping them! UGG. I have gotten to the point that i have been so depressed that i've had to seek medical attention because it was affecting my personal life. I want to do the best I can for my patients, but i can't do everyone's job! The expections of the RN's job is enoughto keep your day busy.
    I have recently accepted a new job.(MY DREAM JOB). I still find it frustrating that some people just don't care! Thats not what nursing is about. Any suggestions
  7. by   PPL
    Hey, RN'91, what's your dream job? Will you share it with us? You addressed a topic near and dear to my heart. Just how is it that some CNA'S and nurses are able to spend so much time on the horn yacking, and manage to get their work done(questionable)and still are the first out the door at shift end? I ask you! I've been an RN since '82, so I got in toward the start of all the managed care. Man, the changes I have seen! Like many, I deal with burnout by changing jobs/floors, etc. Problem is, when you get a little older, you begin to realize that to one degree or another, the same old s--- exists everywhere. Then comes the real question; what to do then? Lord knows, the jobs are available, but who wants them??? Best luck in your new job! Maybe you've found the right solution for you!! Even after all this, I WANT TO BELIEVE IT'S POSSIBLE!!!
  8. by   OB4ME

    I hear you! That constant feeling of being overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated led me into seeking out ideas for home businesses. After quite a bit of research, eliminating the scams, I found one that fits me well. Now, I feel so refreshed! I work as an RN just 4 shifts/mo (pool position)-just enough to satisfy my love of L&D nursing. Now-it feels better when I'm working my RN shifts. You can take just about anything for ONE shift! And-I don't feel that constant pressure to work for my bills.

    I would suggest that you find something you're interested in-and run with it! You can pay the bills doing most anything-but the freedom of working for yourself...time-wise, and sanity-wise, it's priceless!

    Good luck!
  9. by   PPL
    Yes, I am working prn also, and on the unit I choose, which is rehab. It feels good to have the control, but lack of benefits is costing an arm and a leg for my COBRA payment, but it's giving me time to look at other options. Hope to find something suitable with just enough hrs to rec benefits, continue my skills, etc. My husband is self employed, so no benefits there. When you're older, you can forget finding a personal policy that's worth anything and be able to afford it. My peace of mind has been so much better though, when I'm in control of my schedule, and they don't own me! My husband now is insured through National Assoc of Self Employed, so we'll see how the policy is when and if he needs to use it. OB4ME, are you saying that you found this work at home job through the agency at the bottom of your post?