BSN on line?

  1. I would like to hear from people that are in an on- line BSN program or have completed one. I am considering doing this and I want information about the program you took and what you either liked or disliked about it. I am considering an RN to BSN program or doing a BS in Computers....Thanks for any help. Karen Also, did doing this program help you in any way with your job or job search? Thanks, Karen
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  3. by   P_RN
    I looked into several but they are pretty expensive. I have NO income right now so that pretty much let me out. One wanted $450 just to look at a transcript.

    I looked at UNC, Univ of Phoenix, Univ of Washington,Univ of Wisconsin-Green Bay, And Jacksonville (the one that has the advert here).

    A girl at work did the Graceland College extension one but she said it didn't influence her job one way or another...the army paid for her degree, though.
  4. by   linda garcia

    It took me years to find the on-line RN-BSN program where I need not have to go on site.

    Contact Mary Stucky ( at WSU/ICN let her know that I recommended you to her. She is wonderful and will let you know what classes you need.

    Hope this helps
    Linda Garcia