1. I need to interview(online-email) a BSN nurse for my class.....its more of a question answer type interview PLEASE HELP ME!

    Respond and I will PM you the questions....thanks a bunch

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    PM me and I will answer your questions.
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    Me too.
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    My email says I do not have permission to send private messages so I'll post reply here.

    1.What is this nurse’s educational background?ASN to BSN
    2. Where does this nurse work? Medical Intensive Care, float
    3. What is this nurse’s job title?
    Staff RN
    4. What are this nurse’s chief job responsibilities? Fluent in client and family education and care plan creation and administration, plans, coordinates and implements therapeutic and bedside surgical interventions (including CRRT, SLED, IABP, tracheostomy, chest tubes and central lines), implements and observes various types of hemodynamic monitoring and intervention (including IABP, CVP& A-Lines), titrates IV gtt's (including paralytics, vasopressors, and cardio active drugs). Manages, coordinates and implements care for patients with, but not exclusive to, acute illnesses including sepsis, acute MI, drug overdose, DIC, ARDS, and multi system failure. Recovers post surgical patients in MICU and performs drug desensitization. Experienced in post bariatric surgery care. Floats to the level 1 trauma ED as needed, caring for gunshots, MVA’s, and other major trauma scenarios along with less acute emergency care including ACS, IV therapy, and GI bleeds. In complying with the needs of a teaching hospital, works closely with newly graduated interns and residents as a nurse instructor along with perception of newly employed nurses.

    5. How long has the nurse been in his/her current position?4 yrs
    6. What does this nurse believe is the greatest challenge advanced practice nurses face today? Not APN unable to accurately reply
    7. How does this nurse describe his/her professional and personal roles? Nursing is very personal, a part of my life.
    8. How did this nurse acquire his/her professional roles and current position? Applied for the job.
    9. Has this nurse fully acquired his/her professional role? I feel as though I have but I am not exactly certain what this question is looking for.
    10. What are this nurses own role expectations? I expect to perform in a superior manner, with patient safety at the forefront. What do the nurse’s colleagues expect from this nurse? They expect professionalism, help, and joy, They also expect me to sing all the is what I do. What do clients expect from this nurse? Answers, calm and competent care. What does this nurse’s employer expect from this nurse? Professionalism.
    11. How do the above role expectations conflict with each other? They don't
    12. How does this nurse cope with role discrepancies? I don't really find them.
    13. In what ways has role accumulation occurred since this nurse assumed his/her current position? Have become mentor & advisor. How has role accumulation affected this nurse’s performance? I have recently shed some responsibilities that were occupying too much of my time. I do not feel I have allowed too much to be placed on my plate. I say no to added responsibilites quite often.