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  1. Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to post a brief bio of myself in the new Staff Spotlight forum.

    My brief nursing hx:
    I've been an RN (ASN) for about 11 years. My first few years as a nurse, there was a nursing surplus, I could not find a job in the hospital for anything. I found a Job in a nursing home, worked Geriatrics for about 2 years, as a staff nurse, then charge nurse, night supervisor/management. Then worked Tele for about 6 months, then moved to long term acute care, then eventually worked CCU for several years.

    brief hx:
    Back when I was in nursing school (95-96 about 10 years ago), I started playing around with web pages and the Internet, I started a website as a hobby. I continued to add to it, update it etc... That hobby site grew, went through many transitions and now is If you care to read more hx, you can read this old thread:

    Today, I work full time running and I enjoy it tremendously.
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