Breast Cancer

  1. I am a nursing student in my last semester and my mother in law was just diagnosed with DCIS. She has opted to have b/l mastectomy with immediate reconstruction/expanders. She is told me that her surgeon has said it will be same day surgery and she would be able to go to work the next week. I am concerned that she is underestimating the severity of this procedure and i want to help her. I am more than happy to care for her post op and do what ever she needs but she is extremely independant and will push me away or lie about her dependence needs (as she did post hysterectomy). I am not sure how to counsel her and advise her as to what she needs. I don't want her to hurt herself. I wish I could talk to her docs to verify facts but when i went with her to the appointment she did not want me or her fiance to go in with her during consultation.... (personally i know she is sneaky and evades the truth about what they say cuz she used to work in the medical field with them and i have cought her in the middle of a fib before). I need some expert nurse advice on how to help her and how to prevent her from being in denile. she actually commented that she just wants to come home from surgery and take her meds and sleep and heal and doesn't want anyone there. I'm thinking what if she tries to get OOB and starts to hemmorhage? I know i am starting to sound paniky but I am worried.

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  3. by   TazziRN
    There's nothing you can do about her denial, if she won't let you into her life there's not much you can do. I don't know much about mastectomies other than what they are, but I seriously doubt that even in this age of same-day surgeries, that she will be going home that same day. Mastectomies and reconstructions are pretty heavy-duty surgeries.

    As for your MIL, all you can do is just be there. Accept what she tells you with a grain of salt and just be there.
  4. by   fnlyRNstudent05
    Thanks. You are absolutely right and i appreciate it. She has been through alot and this will be difficult. I am very close to her and have seen her through alot of hard times when I have had to be the parent along with my hubby and right now she has to deal with this in her own way... Thank you for your advice.