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ok for those of you that work in the er. here is a question for you? when you recieve a squad call, for an unwittnessed arrest, do cover the cart matress with a body bag before the patient arrives?... Read More

  1. by   CATHYW
    In ER's in FL and in GA, we did not put people in body bags. In FL, if they were dead they were pronounced at the scene, and the Medical Examiner removed the body. If the person expired in the ER, the ME was called for autopsy if there were ?'s of homicide, suicide, etc., and again they transported. If any other, we called the funeral home of choice, and they came with their tiny little gurney and chenille spread.
    In GA, we rarely saw the Coroner. Autopsy is not used nearly as frequently here, and is not manadatory in an unwitnessed death. HOWEVER, all persons that have already expired must be brought to the ER to be pronounced! Have you ever heard of anything so absurd? Sometimes those came in body bags. Usually the MD goes out to the ambulance and goes, Yep! He's dead all right! Then the MD and a nurse have to create a CHART for this person! Isn't that just strange?
  2. by   ikimiwi
    one of my pet peeves, never put the "plastic sheet" our version of a body bag, string and all..... I dont know why it bothers me, but those plastic sheets, make great picinic table covers!