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  1. I Am Curious To Know If Anyone Has Been Involved In Any Type Of Action By Their State Bon?
    Just Doing A Little Survey?
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  3. by   Destinystar
    i complained about an lvn who gave 60 psych pts. all of their meds all at once, charted out that she gave her 9am and 12 noon meds at 9 am left the narcotic drawer with an inaccurate count and then abandoned the patients when i asked her what was going on. myself and 3 other nurses documented the situation. this nurse went on to become and rn. it took the bon 5 years to complete their investigation which resulted in having her license suspended. :stone


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    i am curious to know if anyone has been involved in any type of action by their state bon?
    just doing a little survey?
  4. by   vanburbian
    yes, if you want details, see my other post's, or pm me.
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  5. by   sleepless in norman
    Yes, read my posts on this site, contact me if you need assistance.