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I work in a hospital transfusion service and we are revising the sample labelling policy. We currently require : Pt full name, ID#,date and the initials of the person drawing the sample. A... Read More

  1. by   Liann
    Well, our sample labelling policy went into effect on June 2, and since it has been a month now, I thought I'd update y'all.

    Much wailing and gnashing of teeth later, the ER and Labor/Delivery STILL cant remember how to label a sample. We keep a log of requests for recollect and those 2 places are just impossible.

    I worked last Sunday and had an ER nurse beg me to accept her specimen because SHE had dropped and broken the first, sent me the second draw(which was missing the MR # AND did not have the nurses name on it) and could not bear to stick the old lady a THIRD time. I refused to accept it, and she gave me umpteen reasons why she didnt know the policy...she was casual, she didnt read the memo, she was busy, etc. What a nightmare. Why am I the bad guy because I insist on people DOING their JOB.......

    Had to vent....I am hanging in there...
  2. by   purplemania
    labeling for transfusions is part of our annual competency review. Instructions can be posted on the unit for reference. We must have name, ID#, name of phlebotomist (or nurse who draws blood) and date. These are required and specimens will NOT BE ACCEPTED if not properly labeled. It ain't that big of a deal to do it right.
  3. by   Liann
    Too true. I am sure that if I sent a unit of blood down to the ER that was missing half of the MR# and didnt have MY initials on it, that same nurse would refuse to hang it AND would write me up, as well.

    I am busy, too. I dont ask of anyone what I do not require from myself.