Blood donation and iron levels - page 2

I was at a blood drive yesterday, going through health history, and the time came for the dreaded finger prick iron test. I have iron deficiency anemia (self-induced: I am a vegetarian and don't... Read More

  1. by   Cyn2school
    I ask my tough draws to wash their hands with soap and warm water before a finger stick if at all possible. Dilated peripheral veinules/ capillaries make for quicker, less painful sticks.
  2. by   suanna
    You are already only marginaly meeting your own O2 carrying needs with iron/hGb- why in the world are you donating your blood? There are hundreds of ways you can be of service to others if you want to "give back". Giving blood is a silly way of giving to others if you aren't a good candidate. Please for your own sake and the sake of the patients you are caring for- don't become anemic just so you can say you "did your part" An anemic nurse isn't getting the O2 to her/his brain that they need to make good decisions or have the energy to keep up with the demands of good patient care!