1. Does anyone have Idea what BKAT consists of? Switching jobs, CVICU RN for 8 years...haven't taken one of these for that long? Any suggestions/ideas? Little Nervous!
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  3. by   roxyroo
    This bkat is more shrouded in secrecy than anna nicole's diaries. I have done web searches for hours, unable to get any information. I evev sent an official request to the official website, and recieved an e-mail stating that they had to verify my eligibility to see the mystery document. Any info would be highly appreciated.
  4. by   ginger58
    I could be totally off but are you thinking of BRAT?
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  5. by   crissrn27
    Which bkat? What area are you going to?
  6. by   javanurse2000
    Basic Knowledge Assessment Tool ? (don't ask me what that means...I found this by searching on a medical abbreviation search engine :0)
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  7. by   crissrn27
    I work with a nurse that was on the panel for the NICU bkat. Are you having to take the cc bkat, or are you moving to a different area?
  8. by   roxyroo
    I'm not changing areas; I've been in adult critical care for over 14 years. That's why I am surprised that I am getting a hard time from the author of the test, who says it is an assessment tool for any critical care rn. Their website said any icu nurse could request a copy, so I filled out the form, sent a check, and they said they would need to investigate wether I could have the test or not...apparently this is a top secret classified document available only to an elite few!!!That's why I am seeking information through nursing forums and online.This is very strange, one can literally find ANYTHING on the internet, but not this closely guarded piece of work.If I can get any info it would be highly appreciated.
  9. by   nell
    Gawd, how many hoops do we have to jump through. Med tests, PBDS, personality tests and BKATs.......

    Well, here's a little info:

    The most recent version of the adult BKAT is Version Seven (2006). It is a 100 item paper and pencil test that measures basic knowledge in critical care nursing. These items measure content related to the following areas of critical care nursing practice: cardiovascular, monitoring lines, pulmonary, neurology, endocrine, renal, gastrointestinal/parenteral, and other. The category ‘other’ includes such areas as infection control, hypothermia, burns, and spiritual care.

    The BKAT takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and has been administered on a supervised and unsupervised basis with no statistical difference in scores. The total possible score is 100 points. Items on the BKAT contain multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions that measure both the recall of basic information and the application of basic knowledge in practice situations. Psychosocial aspects of critical care nursing practice are integrated into specific questions in the BKAT.

  10. by   roxyroo
    That is info I already have, but thanks. I want to see the actual test so I know where I'm at. I don't have to memorize things like all of the lab values, medical conditions, etc...I look them up every day as they come up. I use a calculator and clinical references at work...the bkat takes all of your refeerences that are used in real life away, adds a huge measure of anxiety and self doubt.I was going to take it at work, then they cancelled it, but so many places are usung it as ahiring tool I want to be prepared ...again this is like trying to get copies of some secret manifesto!
  11. by   crissrn27
    If you can't get a copy in the conventional way I will talk to my friend at work that was one of the experts on the panel for the nicu bkat and she might have a copy, I know she is interested in cc, so I bet she has one some where!
  12. by   roxyroo
    that would be so highly appreciated...I can't even tell you!!!
  13. by   crissrn27
    Quote from roxyroo
    that would be so highly appreciated...I can't even tell you!!!
    I think I work with her on Monday, I'll ask then. I might have her email address somewhere, I'll see if she can email it to me, or if she has a hard copy of it we will figure something out.
  14. by   roxyroo
    thank you for taking the time...I just want to know what to expect.I knew what to expect for nclex, tncc,enpc,acls, etc just by preparing a little bit, and it makes all the difference in the world. I appreciate your effort!