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A few weeks ago we had the patient from H*L! on our floor. You know a patient is bad when the attending comes to the floor to apologize to the staff about this patient he had to admit. This... Read More

  1. by   rnmi2004
    Oh, believe me, we all documented our attempts at explaining why he needed DVT prevention. He still refused. And he STILL was loudly complaining to everyone who would listen at the doctor's office how horrible it was that he was going to be expected to pay for a complication caused BY THE HOSPITAL!
  2. by   SunnyAndrsn
    Reminds me of a pt. I have now, she's upset about her treatment. Has horrible pain d/t CA dx, but can't take her lortab without vistaril b/c it makes her nauseated. But then she's too woozy to do her PT/OT that's supposed to help her cope with the pain so she can resume her chemo. Okay...then speech was asked to do an evaluation and got kicked out of the room by her spouse "Can't you see she's trying to eat breakfast? You can do your evaluation after she's done." ST tries to explain that part of the evaluation is to observe her during meals. Again, they refuse. After breakfast, she asks for suppository because she's so constipated. I go to check her orders, double check protocols to see if I can give it to her (praying I can, cuz I don't want to explain why I can't) and when I get back with the suppository, she's on the commode...I offer the sup. She declines, saying she wants to try and go on her own. 30 min. later she needs help getting off commode and down to therapy. "You can give me the suppository later." Sure lady, I'll just follow you around and ignore my other 11 pts. for the day...

    Fast forward close to lunch, she's been back from therapy all of 15 min. Starts complaining that she's in excruciating pain and that she needs the sup. I offer pain meds, ice packs, etc. She refuses both b/c she "won't be able to function" after lunch. Then proceeds to complain to her husband about how I'm not doing anything to help her pain. Husband expands on this to tell me that there are very few meds she can actually take. Great, but I'm doing nothing? Ask her if she's ready for the suppository. She looks at the clock and says "Well not now, they're going to bring lunch soon!"

    After lunch I hear her complaining to her husband that no one has offered to do anything about her constipation. There was also a med issue, but I can't even bring myself to get into the whole mess.