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Hi guys! Sr. BSN nursing student here! I was glad to see a number of threads from nurses with bipolar about their problems and their triumphs. Thanks for sharing! Here's my concern; I have... Read More

  1. by   NewWayofLife
    I don't know where in MA you are, but I know what you mean about the new grad hiring issues. I graduated 2 years ago and had to get some LTC/sub-acute experience before I was considered "marketable" to the hospitals. I've been at a "smaller" hospital for about 6 months now. There are too many new grads and not enough experienced nurses in many areas. I have family members with bipolar who have had manic episodes from sleep deprivation, so I can understand that you cannot afford to take chances. Day shifts can be hard to come by, but I've talked to several nurse managers who prefer to put new grads on days, so don't give up! Nights (which is what I've always worked) are difficult when there's less support around you.