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How many of you women are using bioidentical hormones? I go 'back and forth', trying to make up my mind if I feel they are safe to use. I have read multiple data on each side- some say 'not FDA... Read More

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    Dear Feralnostalgia,
    I agree. Using Premarin (estrogen synthesized from pregnant horse urine) will unequivocally, without a doubt give one cancer. There is not one dispute over that.
    What we were talking about is progesterone that is plant based. Plant based hormones are much closer to progesterone produced by the human body.
    ah ok - I was under the impression they were all basically the same thing. my mistake, I definitely still have a lot to learn =)
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    You are right about women surviving menopause for 1000s of years. I don't agree with the "just fine" part. Women have actually gotten away with murder because of hormonal rage. I think we can both agree that age-related impotence in men is a natural healthy thing to go through as well. But that doesn't stop Viagra at $10.00 a pill from flying of prescription pads.
    haha, I'm not such a big fan of that stuff either, but then again I'm rather an atypical male...or just weird in general...*shrug*
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    As a prescriber of hormones, I think that many times they get a bad rap. They aren't for everyone. But for many women, they help them get through a challenging time in their life. The WHI study opened a huge can of worms. Gave us some good information but at the same time scared the heck out of a lot of women needlessly. Almost 40% of the women had hypertension and were being treated and about the same number admitted to have smoked at some time in their lives. What about family history? Diet/exercise programs?The estrogen/progestin arm and the estrogen arm had different outcomes:

    Compared with the placebo, estrogen plus progestin resulted in:
    • Increased risk of heart attack
    • Increased risk of stroke
    • Increased risk of blood clots
    • Increased risk of breast cancer
    • Reduced risk of colorectal cancer
    • Fewer fractures
    • No protection against mild cognitive impairment and increased risk of dementia (study included only women 65 and older)
    Compared with the placebo, estrogen alone resulted in:
    • No difference in risk for heart attack
    • Increased risk of stroke
    • Increased risk of blood clots
    • Uncertain effect for breast cancer
    • No difference in risk for colorectal cancer
    • Reduced risk of fracture
    Many of the hormones that are prescribed are "bioidentical". Estradiol/Prometrium, the gels, creams that the providers prescribe are technically BIH.
    Compounded hormones can also be prescribed and be distributed by the pharmacists which can consist of Biest, natural progesterone and testosterone.
    Women should only be on hormones so see them through the "tough" times, the vasomotor symptoms. But many choose to stay on them longer. Should be on lowest dose to control the vasomotor symptoms.

    It has been theorized that they don't cause breast cancer but there may be cells already present and the hormone cause the abnormal cells to grow faster, therefore detected sooner.