Bill submitted to legislature

  1. Read the bill that was recently introduced into our State Legislature (Nevada). This bill will have a hearing within the next three weeks. Patient-to-Nurse Ratios

    Don't give up on trying to change things in the nursing community!

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  3. by   dadrn
    Very interesting, hope it passes. Keep us informed please. I thin there will be some wiggling on mandatory over time as well as the minimum staffing.
  4. by   Nurse Nevada
    I will keep you posted!
  5. by   jlc
    Read the bill on staffing ratios. I sure hope that it passes. Here in Pa. we are fighting hard to get legislature passed on both mandatory overtime and patient ratios, so far with no success. they always seem to die in committee. We have a union where I work and we our also trying to get the same thing into our new contract. So far with no luck, but we mean to stick to our guns and give it the best fight that we can muster. So the more prove we can present that this is the wave of the future the better chance we have of winning. It is time for nurses to take a stand and unite. The more voices heard, the louder will be the message. Our patients deserve the best care that we can give them and we deserve to be able to work in a save envoirment. JJ
  6. by   sjoe
    Given the present state of the economy in Nevada, it is very unlikely you will be able to get California's (theoretical) ratios for some years, IMHO.

    Unless I am mistaken, California's law does not take effect until 2004, and unless I am VERY mistaken, it will be widely ignored at that time.
  7. by   Nurse Nevada
    I promised I'd keep you posted! The 2 testimonials that will be presented are really well thought out. Read them on my website.

    There is a bill currently before the Legislature here in Nevada regarding nurse-to-patient ratios and the hearing is today. Read the bill and the testimonials that will be presented today at 1:00 pm PST. There is also a link to the live internet hearing if you want to listen to them.

    Thanks for all your support!! Nursing Nevada :kiss :kiss
  8. by   Edward,IL
    This a wonderfuly written proposal. This is possible, this is how it should be. I especialy like the parts that mandate the documentaion of the essential components of Nursing Process and that this will be used to develop the acuity scales (Nursing's contribution to health care will have a place in all formal records),
    the fines/disciplinary action for failure to comply with this statute.
    This is wonderful. It's okay if it doesn't get passed the first time.
    This will get the discussion started and into the public dialogue.
    Perhaps organizations like the AARP and others will add support of this. We have much to celebrate this nurse's week as we take control of our profession's future.
    We have all said that it will take an act of Congress to get appropriate nurseatient ratios. Okay.
    Just my opinion. Edward, IL
  9. by   Nurse Nevada
    On May 12th there will be a legislative hearing regarding safe patient ratios in the state of Nevada. You can view it live through this link: Nevada Hearing Nevada is trying to follow California in providing safe nurse-to-patient ratios. This hearing is a follow up on the April 2nd hearing.

    Thanks for all of your support! :kiss