Betty Neuman's Theory of Nursing

  1. Looking to see if anyone has ever heard of Betty Neuman's "Life Saving Measures?" I can't seem to find any literature on it. Needing it for a paper in my FNP program.

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  3. by   llg
    There is tons of stuff on her theory out there. But I've never seen anything specific aspect of the theory labeled "life saving measures." Are you sure that phrase represents a specific aspect of her theory that is unique to her theory? Or is that phrase just being used in a general sense to refer to interventions chosen to support life?

    Can you share the exact phrasing of your assignment to show us how that phrase is being used?

    Also, if your instructor is requiring you to discuss that particular aspect of Neuman's theory, I would assume your instructor could point you in the right direction of appropriate resources. Are you sure there is a particular, named section of her theory called "Life Saving Measures" and that it is not being used as a phrase in the general sense?
  4. by   JKL33
    Agree ^

    ...this paper being an example of how they used the Systems Model to discuss a condition that may require life-saving measures.
  5. by   DLS1958
    Thank you both for the reply and thanks for the link. I have emailed my instructor so just waiting on a response. Thanks again